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A swift qualifier and an exceptional racer, Jochen Hahn boasts few weaknesses in his armoury. Born into a family deeply immersed in trucking and truck racing, he has become one of the most successful truck racing drivers, earning reverence from fans and rivals alike.

In 2016, Hahn delivered what could be considered his finest campaign, clinching the title with three races to spare after a string of impressive victories.

The following year, 2017, marked a new chapter as Hahn transitioned from his proven MAN to an all-new IVECO. Despite initial teething problems with the new truck, he secured a runner-up position with four wins under his belt.

2018 showcased Hahn's sheer dominance in the championship, as he notched up 12 race wins out of 32, ending the season with a commanding 121-point lead over his closest competitor, Adam Lacko.

Continuing his winning streak in 2019, Hahn secured his sixth championship title with 13 victories. In a shortened season affected by the pandemic, Hahn took 5 podiums in 2020.

While 2021 presented challenges with the pace of his new Iveco S-Way, Hahn rallied with three podium-topping performances, concluding the season in fourth place overall.

In 2022, Hahn showcased his skill with two wins and numerous podium finishes, engaging in a fierce battle with fellow German racer Sascha Lenz for the runner-up position, ultimately emerging victorious by a slim margin of 10 points.

The intensity persisted into 2023 as Hahn secured three victories and battled closely with Antonio Albacete and Sascha Lenz. Hahn came out on top, sealing second place in the overall championship standings with two races to spare.

Furthermore, 2023 marked a significant milestone with the world premiere of the first all-electric race truck built by Team Hahn Racing along with his team and partners. Following months of dedicated effort, the IVECO eTruck was unveiled at the Int. ADAC Truck Grand Prix in July 2023, heralding a new era in truck racing.

Six-time Truck Racing Champion
2019, 2018, 2016, 2013, 2012, 2011

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