May 20, 2023


Continuing his qualifying performance from last season, Norbert Kiss has taken the first pole position of 2023 at Misano. On a drying track from earlier showers, the Hungarian was able to continue extracting pace from his MAN truck to set a 2:03.732, taking pole with 1.2 second advantage.

Qualifying saw a mix of the grid as, with the track drying after rainy spells this morning, the evolution was high. Having thought he was safe, Sacha Lenz came into the pit lane with five minutes to go, only able to watch as the Chrome drivers continued to lap and improve, demoting him out of Super Pole. He will start 11th on the first grid of the year, ahead of new-to-the-grid John Newell and Clemens Hecker.

Steffen Faas had been in the danger zone, but utilising staying on the track until the chequered flag he shot to the top of Qualifying with a 2:08.726. Faas led the charge to make it an even split of Titan and Chrome drivers moving through to Super Pole.

Super Pole saw the status quo return a little as all eyes were on Kiss and Jochen Hahn who were fighting for the top two positions. Kiss reigned supreme, but Hahn put the pressure on in the middle of the session, getting to within three tenths of Kiss’ time before the Hungarian made his final improvement.

Steffi Halm made it two IVECOs in the top three, claiming third ahead of Antonio Albacete and André Kursim. José Eduardo Rodrigues took sixth and his first Promoter’s Cup pole position, leading the Super Pole qualifiers from the Chrome class. Faas and Mark Taylor completed the Promoter’s Cup top three.

Johnathan André and Luis Recuenco completed the top ten and will have Lenz, Newell and Hecker behind them when we grid up in a couple of hours.

The grey clouds are hanging over the circuit, indicating more showers are to come, but the grid is set for an exciting opening round of the season. Make sure to tune into the action live when we go green at 16:05.

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