May 25, 2024


After a delayed start to the second race at Misano due to a first lap incident, Norbert Kiss charged through the field to take his second victory of the season. This secured him maximum points from the first day of racing in Italy.

The drivers had not got to the first corner when José Eduardo Rodrigues and Sascha Lenz came together, the Chrome driver careering into the back of the #3 and spearing them both off the track. The incident saw both drivers walk away fine but brought out a red flag delay as fluid from Rodrigues’ truck was cleared off the track surface.  

Lenz was able to use the red flag to make the needed repairs on his truck, but Rodrigues was unable to restart the race.  Bradley Smith also did not take the start of the second race as he suffered a steering issue. The same problem plagued Luke Garrett who retired from the race with one lap to go but was still classified.  

It looked like Steffi Halm would be back on the top step as she charged pole-sitting Clemens Hecker and André Kursim off the second start, pushing her fellow Titan driver for first place. Kursim just managed to hold her back, but he had his rear view full of Halm until Kiss joined the battle on lap four.  

It didn’t take long for Kiss to get to the front of the field, leading fellow Titan rivals Jochen Hahn and Lenz through with him. An incredible move around the outside of the Turn 1 chicane saw him deposit Kursim to second and storm off ahead of the field for his second win of the day.

Hahn and Lenz were able to also make it past the original lead duo, taking the final podium position ahead of Halm, who eventually passed Kursim.  

Steffen Faas took victory in the Chrome class, also passing Kursim – with two laps to go – to finish ahead of the Titan driver. Hecker was second in class on the track, but due to an over-speeding penalty he dropped behind John Newell for third in class. Mark Taylor took fourth in class after a difficult race including a trip to the pit lane which put him a lap behind the rest of the grid.

Luis Recuenco also failed to classify after an issue saw him drive into the pits with five laps to go.

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