June 10, 2023


As the second race went from dry to wet, Norbert Kiss showed the field yet another masterclass of racing in mixed conditions, taking his second victory of the weekend.

Reverse pole-sitter José Eduardo Rodrigues was no match for the charging Titan drivers, and quickly found himself slipping down the order to the back of the Titan class. Jamie Anderson and Steffi Halm, starting on the second row, gave him and André Kursim no time to relax as the track went green, looking to demote them from the front going into Turn 1.

There was a lot of exchanging of positions and some contact between the contenders, but it was Kursim who came out ahead of Anderson as Halm and Rodrigues fell prey to the advancing top four from Race 1. It wasn’t long before Jochen Hahn was breaking through the pack and found himself leading the grid.

However, the flying Hungarian Norbert Kiss wasn’t about to let the German disappear that easily, and used his incredible knowhow of his MAN truck to get in pursuit of Hahn. With three laps to go, Kiss pulled off a great move up the inside of Hahn to take the lead of the race.

Antonio Albacete got held up in some traffic trying to follow Hahn and Kiss’ progression, but ran out of laps to pass Anderson in fourth.

With the rain getting harder, the race was thrown under a Full Course Yellow, neutralising the race until the chequered flag was dropped. This gave Kiss his second win of the weekend, ahead of Hahn and Kurism on the podium. Anderson was able to hold off Albacete for fourth, with Sascha Lenz coming home a comfortable sixth.

Rodrigues picked up his fifth Promoter’s Cup victory of the season, seventh place overall, with only Halm separating him from his Promoter’s Cup competitors. Having started on pole with his Promoter’s Cup rivals ninth and lower, the Portuguese driver would have been expecting a little more out of Race 2.

Promoter’s Cup podium finishers Steffen Faas and John Newell completed the top ten, leaving Luis Recuenco and Mark Taylor to close off the order. Taylor made a mistake on the dampening track, losing his truck and ending up going through the run off area. He was able to keep the truck going, but the mistake cost him a shot at getting his first Promoter’s Cup podium.

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