The Goodyear FIA ETRC aims to transform truck racing by integrating sustainability and innovation, advocating for positive change within the road haulage industry. Our ongoing commitment to pioneering sustainable practices in truck racing demonstrates our collective efforts to positively impact the environment and drive the acceptance of alternative technologies in the heavy goods vehicle industry.

Sustainability transformation, alongside safety and addressing the truck driver shortage, are the three strategic focus areas of the Goodyear FIA ETRC. The organisers are committed to the Paris Agreement, aiming to reach net zero by 2038 at the latest. Since 2020, ETRA has been implementing sustainability initiatives across its operations to reduce its carbon footprint.

The promoter’s efforts have been recognised with the prestigious FIA Three-Star Environmental Accreditation, the highest level of environmental sustainability recognition from the governing body. Additionally, the Goodyear FIA ETRC is a signatory of the UN Sports for Climate Action and Race to Zero, reinforcing its commitment to global climate goals.


First-ever motorsport series

to switch all race vehicles

to 100% sustainable fuel.

Sustainability RoadMap

The Goodyear FIA ETRC is committed to the Paris Agreement to reach Net-Zero Emission by 2038 at the latest, and to serving as a leading platform for sustainable technologies in the road haulage industry



Highlighting and addressing the socio economic issue of the truck driver shortage across Europe through the #onetruckfamily campaign



Introducing the sustainability road map for a long-term approach by the Truck Commission and validated by the FIA World Motorsport Council

MEMBER OF "Forum für Zukunftsenergien e.V."

Das Forum für Zukunftsenergien e.V. is a German organization focused on promoting dialogue and collaboration in the field of future energy technologies. It serves as a platform for experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss and advance sustainable energy solutions in a pre-parliamentary sphere.



First-ever motorsport series to switch all race trucks to a 100% sustainable fuel, reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%


Bio-LNG powered IVECO S-Way NP Pace Truck, reducing nitrogen dioxide, soot emissions and carbon dioxide


Official signatory of the United Nation's Sports for Climate Action and Race to Zero



Goodyear recycle casings from used racing tyres for on-road retreading, further reducing the use of natural resources, waste accumulation and energy


Innovation Camp provides manufacturers with a platform to showcase their sustainable developments and alternatively powered trucks at the events, to help increase the acceptance of new technologies in the industry and amongst truck drivers


Any unavoidable emissions are offset through investments in UN certified projects



Technical regulations allow all-electric and hybrid race trucks from 2023


The world’s first all electric Iveco race truck prototype (BEV) is launched by Team Hahn Racing


Recognised for sustainability efforts by an independent Sustainable Championship Index, ranked 16th out of 105 globally recognised motorsport championships


Taking the lead on the topic of hydrogen in motorsport together withthe FIA. First workshop at the FIA headquarters in Paris with 46 industry representatives including manufacturers, energy suppliers, component suppliers and aerospace engineering experts



Recognised for sustainability efforts by obtaining the highest three-star level of the FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme and acknowleges best practice and commitment to seek continual improvement through the implementation of an environmental management system.The FIA Environmental Accreditation Programme is aimed at helping motor sport and mobility stakeholders worldwide to measure and enhance their environmental performance


Following the announcement of the hydrogen strategy by the FIA World Motorsport Council(WMSC) and building on the success of our dedicated Hydrogen Workshop in November 2023, an official FIA Working Group is established dedicated to advancing hydrogen technologies in motorsport


New Goodyear tyres with increased durability reduce the number of tyres used throughout the season


The Transformation Technology Race Hub highlights the development and application of innovative, sustainable technologies in truck racing by championship partners


Championship rises to 13th place from last year’s 16th, reflecting its commitment to sustainable motorsport and driving positive change in haulage industry


Our approach to sustainability involves embracing a wide range of sustainable technologies. We are actively exploring options such as biofuels, biogas, hydrogen and electric propulsion systems. Our commitment extends beyond focusing on a single solution, allowing us to evaluate and adopt diverse technologies that align with our goals of reducing emissions and promoting environmental stewardship. By maintaining a flexible and proactive stance, we aim to contribute positively to the transition towards cleaner transportation alternatives.

Sustainable Fuel: 100% HVO

First-Ever Motorsport Series to switch all race TRUCKS to 100% sustainable fuel from TOTalEnergies in 2021

Since 2021, the Goodyear FIA ETRC has been at the forefront of sustainable motorsport, having been the first ever motorsport series to switch to a 100%  sustainable fuel, thereby  significantly reducing its carbon emissions by up to 90%.

HVO, a premium fossil-free diesel derived from renewable raw materials, offers remarkable environmental benefits. With a minimum reduction of 65% in CO2 emissions over its life cycle, and up to 90% in certain conditions, this biodiesel is a game-changer in sustainable racing.

Despite the rigorous demands of truck racing, HVO has demonstrated exceptional performance on the track, endorsed by reigning Goodyear FIA ETRC champion Norbert Kiss, who attests, "As a driver on the circuit, you don't really feel much difference; it feels exactly the same."


Like all of IVECO’s natural power gas vehicles, the new pace truck is Bio-LNG ready. By using Bio-LNG, it does not only reduce nitrogen dioxide and soot emissions, it also reduces the carbon dioxide emissions by up to 95%. With the introduction of HVO biofuFIA ETC from the 2021 season, the Bio-LNG-powered pace truck the second teclogy on the truck racing grid, as a further step of the championship to accommodate technical developments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on track.

Electric Race Truck

The introduction of the world's first all-electric race truck marked another significant milestone in the sustainability transformation of the Goodyear FIA ETRC.

From 2023 the technical regulations allow all-electric and hybrid powertrains along with the current generation of combustion engined race trucks in the Goodyear FIA ETRC.
Trucks with alternative powertrains must be hybrid (any type) or fully electric. They have to undergo a full technical inspection by the FIA and be awarded with an FIA/F Technical Passport before they can take to the track.

A little over a year after the regulation change, the world's first all-electric race truck was unveiled in the spectacular setting of the season's highlight event, the Int. ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.
Six-time Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Champion Jochen Hahn along with his team and partners, have worked around the clock for 9 months to get the eTruck ready for its debut: "After the last race in 2022, we started designing the truck from scratch," said Hahn. "The bodywork was designed, we constructed the chassis, and of course, the technology that goes underneath it."

Together with the FIA, ETRA has been working for several years to pave the way for alternative powertrains in truck racing, allowing every technology and energy form, be it synthetic fuel, hybrid, or electric, to compete on the same grid. FIA experts are already working on ensuring the necessary energy supply at the race tracks to adequately and quickly power the new generation of race trucks.

The Goodyear FIA ETRC will continue to pursue a leading approach to meet the technical developments in the industry. "We have the unique opportunity to positively shape the reputation of the commercial vehicle industry and instil the idea of trucks as sustainable means of transport in people's minds," says Fuchs. "If we can demonstrate that new developments and technologies work reliably under the extreme conditions of motorsports, it will help with understanding and accepting new technologies in everyday road use."

FIA Hydrogen Working gRoup

The Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) solidified its commitment to cutting-edge technologies and sustainability by taking the lead on the topic of hydrogen in motorsport.

During a workshop in Paris held in collaboration with the FIA last week, 46 industry representatives including manufacturers, energy suppliers, component suppliers and aerospace engineering experts came together for an open and productive discussion on the topic of hydrogen. The workshop followed a sustainability forum with industry representatives held in 2023 at the Nürburgring round of the championship. The Hydrogen Workshop represents a significant step forward in fostering sustainability within the truck racing community. The workshop aimed to achieve several objectives, including assessing the current state of FIA regulations, industry components and technology trends related to hydrogen in road use and motorsports. Pros and cons of various technologies were discussed and ongoing projects in the field were presented.

One key focus was gathering insights to adapt truck racing regulations to the unique demands of hydrogen-powered vehicles, especially concerning storage systems and refuelling procedures. The contribution of a broad range of industry experts will significantly contribute in shaping the H2 Technical Regulations for truck racing.

As a concrete next step, a dedicated hydrogen working group has been formed, spearheaded by the Goodyear FIA ETRC, to further explore and implement hydrogen-related initiatives in truck racing.


Since 2022, Goodyear, exclusive tyre supplier and title partner of the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship, have been using casings form used racing tyres for on-road retreading. After the races, used truck racing tyres undergo a retreading process, giving them a second life as products that can once again be used by transportation companies. By extending the lifespan of used racing tyres through retreading, both Goodyear and the ETRC further underline their commitment to minimising environmental impact while maximising performance both on the track and in everyday commercial use.

2024 saw the introduction of a new truck racing tyre compound developed to deliver more grip, especially in wet conditions, thereby elevating the safety standards in truck racing.
In addition to improved safety, the new tyres also offer increased durability. With fewer tyres required throughout the season, teams will be able to further reduce their environmental footprint while maximising performance on the track. This progress not only enhances the racing experience but also aligns with the ETRC's and Goodyear’s continuous shared commitment to sustainability.

Increased efficiency

Championship partner Alcoa is actively contributing to our shared sustainability commitment through innovative solutions such as their aluminum wheels. Recently they conducted a test demonstrating that vehicles equipped with Alcoa wheels can achieve up to a 1.29% reduction in fuel consumption compared to those using steel wheels. This efficiency gain not only lowers operating costs but also reduces carbon emissions.

Alcoa's commitment to sustainable practices sets a new standard for efficiency and environmental responsibility in the automotive industry, making them a valuable partner in our shared goal of promoting environmental stewardship in motorsport.

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