June 23, 2024


It was another outstanding display from Norbert Kiss, who sailed to overall pole with an eight-tenth advantage. In Chrome, Lukas Hahn optimised on issues for José Eduardo Rodrigues to take the class front spot.

For all three sessions Kiss was on top, reinstating his dominance in qualifying. No one looked to be threatening as he claimed his place on the front row with a 1:56.383.

Sascha Lenz was his closest challenger, eight-tenths further behind, and will line up beside the Hungarian. Jochen Hahn tried to demote him to third to take the front row for himself but missed out by 0.01s.

It was a much better qualifying for Lenz, who failed to make it out of Q2 yesterday. He will feel better about his prospect in Race 3 starting from much higher up the grid.

Only Titans made it through to Q3, leaving Antonio Albacete, Steffi Halm and André Kursim to fight for the final three top six positions. Gridding up in the order they crossed the line, Albacete took fourth ahead of Halm and Kursim, who will share the third row.

Lukas Hahn’s class pole came curtsey of a 1:58.446, two tenths shy of progressing into Q3. He will take the fourth row of the grid with Mark Taylor, second in class. Only Luis Recuenco and John Newell set lap times in Q2 of the remaining Chrome drivers, as issues befell Rodrigues and Steffen Faas making it not possible for them to set a lap time.

Rodrigues did not start the Q2 session due to an engine failure that held him in the pits. Faas was on his out lap when a brake failure saw him go over the T8/9/10 chicane and stop at T11.

Looking to improve his time, Recuenco joined Faas stationary in T11 with a suspect electric issue and lots of smoke coming from the back of the #64. Albeit finishing the session on the side of the track, he had already set a time faster than Newell, securing P11 on the grid.

Luke Garrett outpaced Clemens Hecker for P13 and P14 in Q1. Garrett had to fight around lap deletion for track limits but still managed to find enough to beat the #25 driver.

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