May 25, 2024


Norbert Kiss converted his first pole position of the year into victory as he held off an advancing Jochen Hahn in the race.

Sascha Lenz had a brilliant start, jumping both Antonio Albacete and Hahn to climb from fourth to second going into the first corner. The advance was shortly lived as Lenz’ fellow countryman got back ahead before the end of the lap to begin his pursuit of Kiss extending his lead.

Hahn managed to bring Kiss within two seconds as the rain started to come down, but the reigning champion’s race craft was enough to keep Hahn far enough back to not throw a move coming into the final lap.

Albacete ended up with a quiet race to come home fourth ahead of the winning Chrome drivers, José Eduardo Rodrigues who also converted his class pole into class victory.

Steffi Halm and André Kursim picked up their rivalry from last season with the two fighting hard for sixth. An inspired move from Halm around the outside on lap five saw her take the position and, surviving a wide moment through the next corner, retain the position all the way to the chequered flag.

Clemens Hecker held a great second position in the Chrome class throughout the race and was lucky not to lose any additional positions with the Chrome field closely packed at the chequered flag. Two red lights were shown as Hecker approached the finish line. Hecker slowed down which enabled Steffen Faas to overtake his fellow German and cross the line first. Results were reversed however after the race and Hecker will start Race Two from the front row.

With John Newell and Mark Taylor being given 10 second penalties for over-speeding, Luis Recuenco was promoted to ninth, fourth in Chrome class, after a strong race in the rain. Newell almost lost the rear of his truck moving past the Spaniard on lap seven when the rain started pouring heavier, but just about managed to retain control and keep it on track.

Bradley Smith and Luke Garrett rounded up the grid, with all fourteen competitors finish the 12-lap race. Whether or not Race 2 will be rain affected is yet to be seen with a couple of hours until Faas leads the field off the grid.

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