Launched at the beginning of 2019, the #onetruckfamily campaign highlights the deficit of truck drivers throughout Europe and celebrates all professionals in the industry.

The #onetruckfamily initiative aims to emotionalise and transfer the positive image of truck racing and its drivers to the road, at the same time celebrating the importance and the professionalism shown by those working in the industry.

The #onetruckfamily campaign is our answer and contribution to one of the biggest challenges of the industry - the driver shortage issue. We want to enhance the prospects through expressing how varied and cool such a profession as the truck industry is. Emotions are needed for that purpose, and the  ETRC-platform is the best way to naturally create and deliver these emotions.


To celebrate the truck driving vocation and highlight how important their work is to society and industry throughout Europe, the Goodyear FIA ETRC hosted several #onetruckfamily events over the last few years, where in collaboration with our partners we invited truck drivers from all walks of life to the races.

The Road Heroes were given insights into the ETRC paddock, race control and media centre, as well as being a featured part of the pre-race grid ceremonies. They were introduced to the crowd, interviewed about their work and how they are appreciated by the public at large.

Over the years the ETRC has helped facilitate a number of Logistics Forums,  discussing the current challenges faced by the trucking industry. The forums reached for the goal of creating platforms where logistic professionals and participating countries could conduct dialogues about the industry’s technological advances, latest trends, challenges and its future.

As part of the race weekends, different events ranging from industry forums and symposiums to business-to-business get-togethers and new product launches take place.

Hall of Fame

All the champions taken from 2006 when the official FIA European Truck Racing Championship was conceived.