June 19, 2024

When Taylors Trucksport met the McLaren Shadow Esports Team

Earlier this year, the #81 Taylors Trucksport Racing team had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with the renowned McLaren Shadow esports Team.

This unique experience brought together the racing talents of Lucas Blakeley, Wilson Hughes and Dani Morento with the expertise of the Taylors Trucksport Racing team.

The journey began at the prestigious McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, where the drivers were briefed on their challenge: mastering the art of truck racing.

Over the course of two days, the McLaren Shadow esports racers were introduced to the world of truck racing at the Pembrey Circuit in Wales.

With guidance and coaching from the team’s experienced racing driver Mark Taylor, Blakeley, Hughes and Morento got behind the wheel of the #81 Taylors Trucksport Racing MAN truck to tackle a series of driving challenges.

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