May 5, 2017

New Promoter's Cup announced

An exciting fresh framework for more competition and added prizes is announced today with the advent of the new for 2017 - The Promoter’s Cup.

In addition to the familiar and prestigious FIA Drivers’ and Teams’ titles, 2017 will see everyone throughout the FIA ETRC grid fighting for added goals and accolades no matter where they compete in the ultra-competitive races.

The Promoters Cup is within all regular FIA ETRC races. It is eligible for race-by-race and full season entrants but only for drivers categorised CHROME.

The structure will see two driver classes. The two categories will be known as CHROME and TITAN, two commonly used words in Truck industry and culture.

The rationale of introducing this new additional aspect to the FIA ETRC races, is for drivers who do not usually fight for victories and podiums, to be incentivised in racing for a grand prize at the end of the season.

This will take the form of a cash award which will be distributed to the participants of The Promoters Cup. There will be additional podiums and trophies for each class at every race in 2017.

A prize fund totalling €4500 will be distributed to the participating teams in the first season of The Promoters Cup.

Speaking about the new plans ahead of the 2017 FIA ETRC season which begins at the Red Bull Ring over the weekend of 13/14 May, ETRA director Georg Fuchs said: “We believe that this initiative is of added interest to the participants and as a result will be a healthy and competitive way to extract even more drama from this discipline of motor sport which is 100% pure racing action.

“The competitors who the Promoters Cup has been formed for are often the bedrock of the FIA ETRC,” continued Fuchs. “These are the entrants that are not necessarily fighting for wins and podiums but are there because they love the spirit and competition of the championship. We wanted to give them something of value that they could take pride in competing for and also get rewarded at the end of the season.”

“We are constantly evaluating how to improve the championship and how to be inclusive to everyone. Of course, we want to attract more competitors and we believe that the combination of a strong stable calendar, the emphasis on industry, sport and entertainment, and also showing how much we value our competitors is a powerful and stimulating environment to go racing in.”

A look at the detail.......

What are the benefits?

  • Total of 4.500€ prize money
  • Dedicated podium after each race
  • International coverage via all FIA ETRC media channels
  • Independent Cup Standings according to FIA ETRC point system
  • Discounted ferry deals to cross the channel (-30%) for UK participants
  • And more to come…

Who is eligible?

  • Only truck race drivers categorised as CHROME-drivers – regardless if they are season entrant or race-by-race entrant of FIA ETRC.
  • To be able to take part in “The Promoter’s Cup” race pilots are categorised according to their previous achievements as following:

Category CHROME

  • All drivers unless eligible for category TITAN

Category TITAN

  • Any FIA ETRC champion from the last 10 years
  • Any driver finishing Top10 in the overall result of FIA ETRC’s previous season
  • Any driver with a position in any Super Pole of FIA ETRC’s previous season better than sixth position
  • Fulfilling any definition criteria for Platinum and Gold of the FIA Driver Categorisation
  • Any driver whose performances and achievements are outstanding despite not being covered by one of the definitions above.

In case of lack of records/ no historic records existing from FIA ETRC, the drivers will be evaluated on their record of achievements (age + career record), then on their average time during the races by the FIA ETRC Categorisation Committee.

Any re-categorisations will be conducted by the FIA ETRC Categorisation Committee and can only made between race season.

How are the points distributed?

It is in accordance with the FIA ETRC point scoring system: 1st : 20 Points, 2nd : 15 points, 3rd : 12 points, 4th: 10 points, … but dedicated specifically for participants of ‘The Promoter’s Cup’.


1st : 1.000 €

2nd: 850 €

3rd: 700 €

4th: 550 €

5th: 400 €

6th: 300 €

7th: 250 €

8th: 200 €

9th: 150 €

10th: 100 €

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