September 10, 2023

Kiss dominates final Zolder qualifying

Norbert Kiss has, once again, placed his MAN Révèsz Racing truck on pole position for Race 3 of the Goodyear FIA ETRC at Zolder.

Sascha Lenz was the man on the mission to get ahead of Kiss, but could do no better than seven tenths off the reigning champion’s 1:56.310. The duo will share the front row of Race Three, and Lenz will be looking to optimise on that position as much as possible.

Antonio Albacete had also been on the charge, but hitting a penalty marker saw him lose his then fastest lap time, dropping to fourth. It was extremely close between Lenz, Jochen Hahn in third and the Spaniard, with under a tenth of a second setting the top two rows of the grid.

Steffi Halm and José Eduardo Rodrigues continued their strong performances at Zolder, sharing the third row of the Race Three start grid. Halm just got the edge on the Promoter’s Cup pole sitter, outpacing him by 0.016.

André Kursim, Jamie Anderson, Steffen Faas and Clemens Hecker completed the Super Pole finishers, but the Chrome drivers will not round off the top ten. Hecker failed to set a lap time in Super Pole due to a black and orange flag being given to him for smoke coming from his truck. Faas was awarded a three-place grid drop from Race Two after a start infringement, which sees him drop from ninth to 11th.

The results of Hecker’s non-involvement in Super Pole are yet to be announced, meaning he may drop down the grid for Race Three. At the least, Luis Recuenco is promoted to tenth thanks to Faas’ penalty, and Mark Taylor may also get a top ten start depending on what happens to Hecker.

John Newell and Jonathan André complete the starting grid. Newell came to a stop at turn 15/16 and his truck had to be recovered from the track. He is expected to take the start at 13:50 with no issue.

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