November 1, 2022


New area showcased sustainable transport solutions from eight different manufacturers 

The unique Goodyear FIA ETRC racing and paddock atmosphere doesn’t only attract fans, it also functions as an industry exhibition for OEMs, fleet owners, drivers and business decision takers. 

This year the Innovation Camp featured as a new addition in the paddock and provided a platform for manufacturers to showcase their sustainable developments and present alternatively powered trucks to the industry, truck drivers and fans.

“The Innovation Camp has been very well received by industry representatives and fans alike,” said ETRA Managing Director Georg Fuchs. 

“As part of our strategy we want to be open to any kind of technology, and it’s great that we managed to have vehicles from all technologies, like synthetic and bio fuel as well as bio LNG, to electric and hydrogen on display in our paddock this year. 

We also received very positive feedback from truck drivers. For many of them it was the first time to see some of the new technologies close up and get the chance to talk to manufacturer representatives. It’s a great opportunity to introduce new technologies to the actual users, as truck drivers often play an important role when it comes to buying decisions.”

ITOY Chairman Gianenrico Griffini added: “The Innovation Camp is a powerful platform for truck manufacturers to show what the industry can deliver today in terms of sustainable transport and meet tomorrow's transport needs.”

The Innovation Camp debuted at the season opener in Misano and displayed alternatively powered vehicles throughout the eight race venues from manufacturers such as Mercedes, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Hyundai, Iveco, the Gaussin Dakar Rally H2 Racing Truck, as well as a hydrogen bus.

Watch the highlights from the Innovation Camp:

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