February 28, 2023


How truck racing became his passion and the true #onetruckfamily spirit in the ETRC paddock

A website business owner by trade, Frenchman Xavier Martin came into truck racing by total chance 11 years ago, when he stood in for someone else.

“In the beginning it was not planned, one guy was missing and I took his place,” said Xavier. “I wasn’t involved in truck racing before. I discovered something exciting with great atmosphere. It’s hard work, but I work with passion”.

Xavier is in charge of the logistics for the racing tyres, from putting in the orders, to picking the tyres up in Luxembourg and taking them to the track, where he also manages the mounting of the tyres.

“Truck racing is my second family. We work together, everybody knows me, they respect me, I respect the teams. It’s a really good combination,” said Xavier, describing the unique team spirit in the paddock.

“At the beginning it was completely new and different. But step by step I learned with the help of all teams. It’s #onetruckfamily - we help each other. I’m really happy to be here.”

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