September 6, 2019

The Heart of Europe’s Trucking Centre Welcomes Road Heroes

Catch up with the latest #onetruckfamily campaign event in Most, Czech Republic

The first on-site event of the #onetruckfamily campaign to hit Czech Republic was completed last weekend to highlight awareness of truck industry professionals and the vital work they perform throughout Europe.

The #onetruckfamily campaign, launched and developed by the European Truck Racing Association [ETRA], was announced earlier this year with the intention to expand the profile of the truck industry.

In addition to this, the campaign is highlighting important topics in order to help sustain and further the prospects for working professionals.

Thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic has always been a popular transit country for trucks. But it is not the only reason. According to a new study put together by the Centre for Economic and Market Analyses (CETA), the Czech Republic is also one of the cheapest countries in terms highway fees and fuel costs.

According to the CETA and published by the Czech News Agency earlier this year lorry drivers on Czech roads pay on average 46.50 euros (around 1,195 crowns) per 100 kilometres to cover the costs of highway tolls and fuel, which is less than in any of the Czech Republic’s neighbouring states.

In Germany, a 100-kilometre stretch of highway costs trucking companies around 58.21 euros, while in Slovakia, the cost is around 55.19 euros.

One reason behind the Czech Republic’s popularity as a transit country is low highway fees.

The highway toll in the country currently stands at around 8.54 euros (around 220 crowns) per 100 kilometres. In Croatia, the rate is nearly 28 euros. In terms of diesel costs, the Czech Republic remains among the EU average.

The volume of truck transport in the Czech Republic has been high on a long-term basis. One reason is the high share of industry in the country’s GDP, which increases freight transport on Czech roads.

As a consequence the vocation of truck drivers in the country is considered to be a strong and aspirational one as the country has a proven large vehicle industry from Tatra trucks on the roads and fields to the sporting heritage which is of course led professionally by the Buggyra Racing organisation.

Speaking at the Autodrom Most FIA European Truck Racing Championship meeting last weekend Buggyra Racing team manager Jan Kalivoda.

“When I come to Most, and i see all the passionate people who love trucks, big trucks, then I understand that it is their passion and I really understand why they do their job,” said Kalivoda.

“I really admire all the truck drivers, because our mechanics/our truck drivers it's a really difficult job, to be hours and hours on the highway.”

As ever, the FIA ETRC through its organiser and promoter, the European Truck Racing Association, organised a celebration and appreciation of the industries professionals by  showcasing them to the large Czech crowd.

One of those invited was local truck professional Radec Lux, who said: “My passion is in the technological advances. I am fascinated and interested in exploring new possibilities and new technology in the industry.”

The #onetruckfamily campaign moves on to Circuit Zolder in Belgium next weekend when more Road Heroes will take part in paddock tours, insights in to the FIA ETRC and be part of the vibrant grid ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

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