October 10, 2019

#onetruckfamily Campaign Hits France and Spain

Across Borders: #onetruckfamily Goes Back-to-Back with French and Spanish Industry Promotion

The #onetruckfamily campaign which was formed and developed by the European Truck Racing Association earlier this year rounded out its first season with back-to-back events in France and Spain recently.

Just a few days separated the Le Mans and Jarama rounds where new nominees of Road Heroes took part in events to recognise the hard work and achievements carried out by transport and truck professionals across Europe.

The two events perfectly mirrored the 24 hour culture of truck transportation across Europe as the FIA European Truck Racing Championship teams journeyed from Le Mans across the French/Spanish border and on to Jarama which is close to Madrid.

As they did so, the very latest studies in to truck transportation statistics became public with a report conducted by the Eurostat company on annual freight transport.

The most recent study in to truck transportation movement states that in terms of tonne-kilometres (tkm), European road freight transport increased by 4.5 % from 2016 to 2017.

In 2017, the European road freight transport was the highest recorded over the last 5 years: it increased by 11.8 % from 2013 to 2017 (see graphics below).

National transport in the EU, representing 63.5 % of total transport, recorded a 9.9 % increase from 2013 to 2017, while cross-trade and cabotage transport, representing 12.1 % of total transport, recorded a high and continuous increase of 38.5 % over this period.

European road freight transport continued to grow, with an increase of 4.5 % between 2016 and 2017.

Germany continued to dominate European road transport, in terms of tonnes transported.

These statistics show the true vital nature of truck professionals in the modern age and how they continue to provide goods and services at increased efficiency and with slick operations and sound safety procedures.

Among the guests at Jarama was Spanish Instagram influencer Oti Cabadas, also affectionately known as ‘cocotruckergirl’on the social media channel.

“I go through Instagram to show the positive sides of this profession,” said Cabadas.

“I do it for the people to encourage them, so that more women and more young people are excited about it.”

Summing up the first year of #onetruckfamily, the concept creator of the campaign and Managing Director of ETRA, Georg Fuchs said: “This pan-European campaign has witnessed several positives this season including the first priority in further highlighting the need for professional truck workers to be seen in a more positive and progressive light.

“Their work is so vital for the economy of Europe and this often gets overlooked by old preconceived ideas about their professional capacity.

“As we have seen across nine different countries this year, wherever you go you will find really passionate and focused transport professionals with a desire to promote their work and to also discuss news ideas.

“Bringing them together with the FIA ETRC paddock has captured a fundamental need to mirror what we are doing on the track with what they are doing on the roads.

“The big conversation has included how there vocation can improve and how new generations can also be attracted to this diverse and rewarding job.”

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