September 11, 2022

KISS nets 11th pole with new lap record around Zolder

In his first timed lap of the day, the Hungarian set a new lap record around Zolder, beating the fastest time he set himself in 2021. In Super Pole he went even further and bettered his own record again to take his 11th pole position of the season.

Behind Kiss, the field was closer together in lap times, with Jochen Hahn putting in some purple sector times, trying to challenge the 1:56,874. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t do better than a 1:57,535, starting the race from second on the grid ahead of Adam Lacko, who narrowly beat Sascha Lenz to third.

Téo Calvet had a strong qualifying session posting the fifth fastest time. He will start alongside André Kursim in sixth and ahead of Promoter’s Cup title rival Jamie Anderson in seventh.

José Eduardo Rodrigues put in a great lap time in qualifying to go through to Super Pole, where his speed really shone through. The Portuguese will start Race 3 from eighth on the grid.

Steffi Halm qualified ninth ahead of Shane Brereton, who moves up into tenth as Antonio Albacete who would have sat in tenth, will now start at the back of the grid. The Spaniard’s qualifying session got cut short as he had to return to the paddock with engine problems, which the team are trying to repair before race three

Yesterday’s Promoter’s Cup winner Steffen Faas will line up in 11th, ahead of Clemens Hecker and Jonathan André.

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