November 13, 2018

Growth on and off the track for FIA ETRC in 2018

Quality and Quantity Underline Positive and Progressive Season for FIA ETRC

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship’s official 2018 media report has evidenced further growth in one of motorsport’s most exciting and unique disciplines of racing.

The annual in-depth media review details some stimulating results, statistics and data on the exposure earned and generated by the FIA European Truck Racing Championship this season.

Since the beginning of the 2016 season, the FIA ETRC has been under the guidance of the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA), an innovative and progressive organisation overseeing the present and future of the popular championship.

Hundreds of thousands of fans from far-and-wide share ETRA’s enthusiasm and passion to celebrate and advance the footprint of one of motorsport’s most spectacular racing series.

Through understanding the needs of the teams, fans and partners of the FIA ETRC, ETRA has brought structure and communication, while also always seeking to promote events to both the solid foundation of existing followers and a host of potential new supporters.

Once again, the media presence of the FIA ETRC was increased in 2018.

With 111 million TV viewers worldwide, this represents an increase of a further 13 percent compared to the previous year.

Most of the races could also be watched in the live stream. Sport1, auto motor und sport, SWR, ARD (MoMa), ZDF (now Sport) or ntv.

The average number of visitors per event also increased by 11% compared to 2017, although a consolidation of the 2018 calendar to eight events took place, the majority of events saw increased attendance.

The FIA ETRC was thus able to inspire a proud 415,000 event visitors and welcome them to Europe's racetracks. As a result, the FIA ETRC remains one of the best attended ‘at the track’ championships.

Starting fresh in 2016, the FIA ETRC Facebook page has grown hugely and now boasts 131,550 followers in total. In addition to this the FIA ETRC also has a popular footprint on Instagram and Twitter feeding updates and media by the day.

The 2018 review outlines some key facts relating to the championship, such as:

  • A combined on-site audience of 415,000 spectators over eight events in 2018.
  • A record 20 full season trucks with a biggest entry of 26 in round eight in Spain.
  • 111 million combined TV audience reach in 198 territories
  • Over 700,000 live stream views

Further Innovations and Programs to Accelerate FIA ETRC Popularity in 2019 and Beyond

In addition to the promising results of the media report in 2018, ETRA director Georg Fuchs has outlined the framework in which the company will drive forward key messages for the future of the championship.

“First and foremost we need to thanks our fans, partners and competitors for another successful season in 2018” said Fuchs.

“We have again witnessed improvements across all our existing media channels.

“For 2019 the objective is to further expand our efforts by majoring on addressing the shortage of qualified professional drivers on the road and also giving those that are working in this industry the appreciation they deserve.

“The FIA ETRC is pure emotion. This means that we see ourselves as an ideal opportunity and platform for the industry to act on attracting more drivers to the industry.

“From 2019, we will steer and position the championship even more in this direction with all peripheries.”

Fellow ETRA director Rolf Werner also praised the efforts of the FIA ETRC in expanding its popularity throughout a pivotal 2018 season.

“The facts and data we are releasing today regarding 2018 shows once again that the work of the last few years of all involved are now becoming visible and this fabulous championship is back on track to the top,” commented Werner.

“This year we also found a serial partner in GRAMMER AG. They are a company which share our values equally and the innovative GRAMMER TRUCK CUP, a category to give equal importance to all drivers and teams flourished.”

The Future: Progress Never Stops in the FIA ETRC

The work of ETRA does not just stop at innovations and new media however.

Together with our partner Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2), it launched a first gaming test event in which a remarkable 500,000 gamers were able to control a Goodyear and Krone branded trailer through a digital Europe.

February 2019 will see an even larger gaming event with more dynamic and inclusive components of the FIA ETRC and far more interesting cargo.

Similarly, ETRA will not stop at digital "on-track" activities in the field of gaming in 2019.

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