January 18, 2024

Goodyear FIA ETRC climbs ranks in Sustainable Championships Index™

Championship advances to 13th place from last year’s 16th position

The Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) continues to make an impact in sustainable motorsport, achieving a commendable 13th position in the latest Sustainable Championships Index™ (SChI™) rankings. Last year, the championship earned a notable mention and secured the 16th spot out of 105 globally recognised motorsport championships.

The Sustainable Championships Index™ (SChI™), assesses and ranks the sustainability performance of motorsport championships such as the ABB FIA Formula E, FIA Formula One and MotoGP. It is the only global performance Index that measures and reports on the sustainability practices in two and four wheeled motorsports against the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the ESG framework.

The Goodyear FIA ETRC's rise to 13th place reflects its commitment to drive positive change in the haulage industry by adopting and promoting eco-friendly practices while maintaining the exciting and unique character of truck racing.

Georg Fuchs, Managing Director of ETRA, expressed pride in the championship's recognition: "We are very proud to see the Goodyear FIA ETRC rise to the 13th position in the Sustainable Championships Index™. This recognition echoes our ongoing commitment to pioneering sustainable practices in truck racing and is a testament to our collective efforts toward making a positive impact on the environment and drive forward the acceptance of alternative technologies in the heavy goods vehicle industry.”

The championship's sustainability initiatives have been instrumental in this achievement. In 2021, a sustainability roadmap was unveiled, outlining plans and actions towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2038. The Goodyear FIA ETRC became the first motorsport series to switch to 100% sustainable fuel and bio-LNG. Additionally, with title partner Goodyear, racing tires are recycled for on-road retreading, reducing natural resource use, waste, and energy consumption.

Since 2019, the #onetruckfamily campaign has addressed the socio-economic issue of the truck driver shortage across Europe. Furthermore, the introduction of the Innovation Camp in collaboration with local Event Organizers and the International Truck of the Year (ITOY) has provided manufacturers with a platform to showcase sustainable developments and alternative powertrains at ETRC events.

Following a change in the technical regulations that allows all-electric and hybrid powertrains along with the current generation of combustion engined race trucks in the Goodyear FIA ETRC, 2023 saw the world premiere of the first all-electric Iveco race truck built by Team Hahn Racing.

The Sustainable Championships Index™ evaluates championships across six key dimensions of sustainability, including certifications, environmental criteria, social criteria, engagement and partnerships and sustainability approach. Developed by Enovation Consulting in collaboration with Professor Paolo Taticchi, the index is a global performance system aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the ESG framework.

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