March 15, 2019

ETRA Unveils Major Industry Supporting Campaign - #onetruckfamily

The European Truck Racing Association [ETRA], which is the promoter and organiser of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship [ETRC], today announces plans to activate a major new campaign to stimulate and support the trucking industry by contributing to encounter the driver shortage crisis and to value all professionals in the industry.

The all-new #onetruckfamily initiative will become a highly visible, proactive and comprehensive media and promotional operation to highlight and then assist in raising the profile and public perception of the profession of truck pilots and industry-likes on the roads of Europe.

Caption: "The well received #onetruckfamily campaign is introduced by ETRA Organisers in Germany yesterday

The FIA ETRC races in eight countries throughout the season with many being among the biggest festivals within the industry. Providing truck racing, industry exhibitions and entertainment to up to hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts and business entities, the FIA ETRC is in the perfect position to emotionalise and to correlate and highlight both heroes of the track and the road.

Even the FIA ETRC paddocks are a very familiar atmosphere with down- to-earth people and an open paddock where many attractions can be experienced, racing is very emotional and aspirational to many of them and to a young audience that will find careers in the trucking industry attractive.

Another further aim and objective of this long-term initiative will be to continue to make the road transport industry a great place to work by being an incentive for potential new drivers. In addition, a big push to complement existing campaigns and initiatives with direct and emotional contributions will be a key driver in the #onetruckfamily campaign.

Key Activations for #onetruckfamily will be:

-      identifying and invitation of selected road truck pilots to FIA ETRC races

-      An informative and immersive experience for the invitees in the paddock

-      To celebrate the road truck pilots alongside their ‘shadow heroes’ on the race track

-      Profiling and story-telling through a concentrated media campaign

-      Integrated social media wall via official FIA ETRC website detailing the individuals and the larger story of the #onetruckfamily narrative

-      Hall of Fame identifying both the road and track heroes

-      Inclusive grid ceremony programme whereby the road heroes are announced to the crowd and take centre stage


Georg Fuchs

“What we are setting out to achieve with the #onetruckfamily programme is a concentrated highlighting of how important the truck industry is in all our lives. It is our answer and contribution to one of the biggest challenges of the industry even if not the overall economy - the driver shortage issue.

“A key part of this, in terms of aims and objectives, will be to enhance the prospects through expressing how varied and cool such a profession as the truck industry is. Emotions are needed for that purpose, and the ETRC-platform and truck racing are the best way to naturally create and contribute these emotions.

“We at the FIA ETRC believe that the truck industry can further promote itself in to being an attractive, interesting ad rewarding profession for future generations, and through #onetruckfamily this can be communicated in both an educational, emotional and entertaining way.”

Rolf Werner

“The passion and care which we see in the thriving paddocks of the FIA ETRC is almost tangible and we are rightly proud of what our competitors and fans alike love about the championship.

“Now, we want to practically demonstrate that all of this professionalism and interest can build upon a core of enthusiasm that will have a greatly beneficial impact for current and future generations on the roads of Europe.”

The #onetruckfamily will be officially unveiled via a new-look FIA ETRC website ahead of the 2019 campaign. Stay tuned for more information.

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