September 25, 2022


Having started on reverse pole, Shane Brereton drove spectacularly to take the overall win ahead of Téo Calvet and Sascha Lenz.

Getting the advantage off the line, there was nothing Calvet could do as Brereton disappeared down the road. About halfway through the race, Brereton made a small mistake that allowed Calvet to close the gap slightly on him, but by time the grid crossed the line at the end of the next lap, the Brit had regained the ground he lost.

The truck train started with Calvet, containing all trucks down to eighth in the field, with everyone running so close but unable to find a way around each other. Adam Lacko had split the T Sport / Revesz Racing team duo in fifth, but when Norbert Kiss finally managed to make a move on the Czech driver, he suddenly found himself in a fight for sixth with Jamie Anderson.

With Kiss and Antonio Albacete finishing fourth and fifth respectively, they have secured the Teams’ Championship title Révész & T Sport.

The battling Lacko and Anderson shared some contact as they fought for sixth, which went under review with the stewards, but it was Anderson who came out ahead, taking sixth overall and third on the Promoter’s Cup podium. Jochen Hahn, who made up the end of the truck train, could progress no higher than eighth, having started seventh and lost a position off the line to Kiss, with Steffi Halm and André Kursim also having quiet races to take the final points.

José Rodrigues was once again unlucky to miss out on a points finish, ending 11th and leading Steffen Faas, John Newell and Clemens Hecker to the chequered flag, seeing all 14 trucks finish the final race of the weekend.

The Jarama event is only five days away, where the last championship (Promoter’s Cup) will be decided. Brereton is mathematically still able to win, but all eyes will be on Anderson and Calvet to see which of these 2022 protagonists will take the title.

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