May 12, 2023


VisionTrack has become the official video telematics partner for the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

The global provider of AI video telematics and connected fleet data will supply a full HD mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) for each truck with forward, rear and driver facing cameras, providing on-demand footage to officials to investigate driving incidents, supervise sporting regulations and safety and delivering the action from the cockpit to fans around the world.

"Welcome to Visiontrack as a new partner to the championship,” said ETRA managing director Georg Fuchs. “Visiontrack is a leading provider of advanced video telematics and their onboard camera solutions will support our race control to investigate incidents on track. The advanced system will also allow us to bring the excitement of truck racing and wheel-to-wheel action closer to our fans.”

Dean Leonard, Vice President of Technical Services at Visiontrack said: “We are delighted that our video telematics solution will be playing such a crucial safety role during the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship, providing the footage and data needed for race activity management, and providing action-packed broadcast content. This latest agreement follows our successful and ongoing partnership with the British Truck Racing Championship over the past three years.”


VisionTrack is a leading global provider of AI video telematics and connected fleet data. The company’s advanced vehicle camera solutions are underpinned by a device-agnostic, multi-award-winning IoT platform, The company’s unique approach is helping tackle some of the most complex challenges faced by the fleet, transport and insurance sectors, providing the operational insight, business intelligence and enriched vehicle data needed to make strategic mobility decisions.

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