April 12, 2022

Truck Talk: How tyres can help with sustainability dilemma

Many transport and logistics companies across Europe are faced with a sustainability dilemma: with increasing pressures on cost and time, they wonder how sustainability can become more natural without adding complexity, and how sustainability can meet reality.

One of the key areas for the industry, that can play a significant role in reducing CO2 emissions, are tyres. A tyre can influence up to 30% of a truck’s fuel-efficiency, and therefore tyres can contribute to further lower the total emissions of the truck and trailer.

“Goodyear conducted a sustainability reality survey in 2021 with almost 1000 fleets from more than 30 European countries,” said Davide Califano, Head of Brand and Product Marketing for Goodyear Commercial Europe. 

“We looked at what fleets are doing and how effective their sustainability efforts are. Cost and complexity have shown to be the most challenging areas to progress.”

In response to feedback from truck fleets and OEMs, Goodyear developed a new on-road tyre range, the FUELMAX ENDURANCE. The fuel and CO2 efficiency gains, that can be achieved with low emission tyres and accurate tyre management, are equal to what can be gained by using more efficient engine technology.

Tyres and tyre management have a big role to play, and with its new range, Goodyear helps to close the gap between sustainability and reality.

The interview is available in English with GermanFrench and Italian subtitles.

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