January 1, 2021

Sustainability road map

Strategic Field of Activities

Strategic Field of Activities

Society is facing new challenges due to the change in climate protection and digitalisation and as part of the mobility sector, the transportation and logistics industry play a special role. 

Politics have defined legal framework on global and European level (RED II, Regulation 2019/1242) as well as on national levels (e.g. Klimaschutzplan2050 in GER). Besides the imminent shortage of professional truck drivers, this is especially challenging for the commercial vehicle industry from a technological and economical point of view.

As part of the extension of its promotion contract for the Gooyear FIA ETRC, ETRA and their shareholder ADAC Mittelrhein have clearly committed (towards the FIA) to its future strategy in its 5-year agenda. This strategy is based on improving and enhancing the three pillars of safety, shortage of professional truck drivers and sustainability transformation.

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