September 24, 2023


Starting on reverse pole after winning his first Promoter’s Cup race in Race Three, Luis Recuenco went on to do what only few Chrome drivers have done: take overall victory. 

Starting strong, Recuenco held off the challenge from André Kursim off the line, dictating the pace of the field and launching off into the distance. He knew he would need to build a lead if he were going to have any chance of taking overall race victory. 

It was a very calculated drive, keeping the racing clean as the pack advanced from behind. Defending well, Jochen Hahn couldn’t find a way past the Chrome driver, settling in for second behind him. Antonio Albacete and new five-time Champion Norbert Kiss joined the back of the podium train, but Recuenco never put a tyre wrong, sailing to his first overall victory. 

Kiss and Albacete had a great battle for third, but utilising the trucks ahead, the Spaniard was able to hold off the charging Hungarian to deny him four podiums from the weekend. 

A distance behind the fighting pack at the front, Sascha Lenz crossed the line fifth, unable to maintain the pace from those in front to be a part of the podium battle. It was a quiet race from the second-place finisher of Race Three, seeing him lose a couple of points to those he is in the second place battle for in the overall championship. 

Mark Taylor led the most dramatic pack of the race to take second in Promoter’s Cup, behind the unbeatable Recuenco. A lot of close battles, wheel-to-wheel racing and flirting with the idea of track limits saw a chaotic fight from sixth to 12th with the order changing every lap. Taylor was one of the few to come out of the battle unscathed. 

José Eduardo Rodrigues took third in Promoter’s Cup, recovering from a disappointing Race Three and starting from the back of the grid. His father, José Rodrigues in the #14 machine this weekend, followed him through the pack after starting from the pit lane to take eighth in the overall standings. 

Jamie Anderson, who nursed a puncture through most of the second half of the race, finished ninth with John Newell taking the final overall points and just missing out on the Promoter’s Cup podium. 

Clemens Hecker and Steffen Faas tripped over each other throughout the race, having multiple incidents where the pair came together, on the edge of too close racing. One incident indeed saw the pair off the track in the gravel trap, but they both managed to continue, Faas losing out more as he dropped 14 seconds on the pack. They were the final two classified finishers. 

Steffi Halm was the first to retire from the race, her brake pipe disconnecting from the tank and leaking liquid around the track. André Kursim joined her on the side lines of the race after a puncture turned into big rear left damage with contact from another truck. 

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