June 7, 2019

Successful Start for First Ever #onetruckfamily Event in Italy

The first ever on-site event of the #onetruckfamily campaign to highlight and raise progressive awareness of truck industry professionals got off to a vibrant and absorbing start at Misano, Italy recently.

The #onetruckfamily campaign, launched and developed by the European Truck Racing Association [ETRA] was announced earlier this year with the intention to expand the profile of the truck industry 

In addition to this, the campaign offers to highlight forward-looking topics in order to help sustain and further the prospects for working professionals.

Nominees from the 2019 #onetruckfamily official partners: IVECO, Goodyear, Sven Walter Logistik, GRAMMER AG and Misano’s media partner Trasporto Commerciale all took part in the inaugural event where they were given unique access to the FIA ETRC paddock.

During their weekend the Road Heroes got detailed tours of the technical checks office, the media centre and race control, where the specifics of running and managing the sessions and races from the circuits nerve centre are made.

The #onetruckfamily delegates were officially presented in a special ceremony on the starting grid for two of the four races. The procedure saw each #onetruckfamily Road Hero officially announced on the grid before the national anthem where the crowd and the grid witnessed their moments of salutation.

Reviewing the first #onetruckfamily weekend, ETRA director and one of the key visionaries behind the campaign, Georg Fuchs, explained the philosophy of the campaign and how it was actioned for the first time in Italy.

“We want to shine a light on people who work in the truck transportation industry to really show that they are heroes as well as the champions on the track,” said Fuchs.

“What we have seen at our first event is a real willingness from our partners to share this ethos of celebrating what they do while also showcasing what an attractive, worthwhile and rewarding profession it is.

“After all, without these Road Heroes the economy, society and infrastructure of countries around Europe would be much the poorer, so it is about time that they were celebrated and promoted. This has several benefits but the most important one is highlighting to new generations that this vocation is attractive and vital.”

For official #onetruckfamily partners the Misano weekend gave a visual representation as to how they can showcase their employees, co-workers and affiliates in an exciting environment and with an emphasis on professional capability.

“We want to translate the image of racing to our sales business, the drivers and our clients to get the emotion from the race track in to the daily business,” explained IVECO’s Business Director for Germany and Switzerland, Mr Christian Sulser.

“Therefore it is a pleasure to be involved in this worthwhile programme which I see as becoming a key part of each FIA ETRC weekend in 2019.”

The next event for the #onetruckfamily campaign will be at the Hungaroring on Saturday 22 June.

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