May 22, 2022


Having featured on every podium this weekend, Sascha Lenz ended the Misano weekend in the best way, taking his first win of the season. 

Off the start, he looked to be in a comfortable third, with pole-sitter Téo Calvet holding the lead from Steffi Halm well. But the ace was up the German’s sleeve as by the third corner he was positioned perfectly to take the lead of the race. As the action unfolded behind him, Lenz disappeared down the road, crossing the line a clear eight seconds ahead of the rest of the racers. 

It was a brilliant drive from Lenz who recovered well after suffering a clutch issue at the end of race 3, causing him to almost lose his podium finish. 

Calvet led a train of Titan drivers for over half of the race, looking to be in command of his defensive drive. Adam Lacko, Halm, Antonio Albacete and Jochen Hahn all had a go at passing Calvet for second, but the young Frenchman held his position well. 

It was a bold move from Albacete that finally got him past Calvet for second. Using the right-left-right complex of Turns 1-3, the Spaniard got on the inside of Calvet and held on around the outside. Calvet looked to have the move covered, but going slightly wide in turn 3 allowed Albacete to move through. Hahn also took the advantage, sticking close to Albacete to drop the Promoter Cup race winner down to fourth in the space of two corners. 

Hahn tried to keep the pressure on Albacete, wanting to optimise on points as Norbert Kiss was having a difficult race, but he could finish no higher than third. 

Calvet was then under pressure from Halm, but he managed to stay fourth overall to also secure his second Promoter’s Cup win of the day, third of the weekend. 

Anthony Janiec had a relatively quiet race to sixth, ahead of René Reinert. Reinert had a last lap battle and almost a photo finish on the line with second in the Promoter’s Cup Shane Brereton, the Brit recovering well after his tumultuous race 3. 

Damage for Kiss at the start of the race severely affected his pace, with a suspected puncture hampering his race. He was a sitting duck as Reinert and Brereton demoted him down the order and was lucky there weren’t more laps as he may have not scored at all in race 4. He finished ninth ahead of Jamie Anderson, who also took third in Promoter’s Cup. 

Only thirteen trucks were classified, but only twelve took the chequered flag as Clemens Hecker led Thomas Robineau over the line. Jose Rodrigues only completed eight laps, being forced to retire due to a broken brake disc. 

Lacko had been racing well, but too much damage to his Freightliner caused him to retire after a tough fight with Halm. Andre Kursim took the start, but his throttle pedal got stuck open, causing him to retire almost immediately. The issue for Kursim caused the most of Lacko’s damage as the Czech driver – not expecting Kursim to not burst speed as they crossed the start line – drove straight into the back of him. 

Steffen Faas couldn’t take the start because an issue with his truck was not repaired in time for him to join the grid. He started from the pitlane and had to retire later with a technical issue.

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