June 28, 2020

#onetruckfamily Gathers Momentum in Hungary

The #onetruckfamily campaign hit Hungary last weekend with some important sporting, industry and social messaging

The #onetruckfamily campaign to highlight the deficit in truck driving throughout Europe gathered more momentum at the Hungaroring last weekend.

A collection of new Road Heroes was inducted in to the campaign which celebrates and puts a spotlight on some of the everyday stars of the road networks across Europe.

The initiative is the idea of the European Truck Racing Association which has implemented the idea to rise more awareness of the crucial work done by the transportation industry.

In a report released in December 2018, European Road Freight Transport 2018, the transportation supply chain analyst reported that in the UK, Germany, France, Denmark Sweden and Norway – the shortage of drivers equates to 127,500.

The UK has a shortage of 52,000 drivers, but is closely followed by Germany with 45,000 vacancies. Industry predictions indicate that this could increase by a massive 28,000 each year.

The report stated that: “In Germany, the DSLV transport union reports that in the next 15 years, two-thirds of drivers will retire. Germany is facing a shortage of 45,000 truck drivers, with around 30,000 leaving the profession every year. This compares with only 2,000 people receiving truck-driving qualifications each year.”

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship will this year feature selected Road Heroes to be an important part of the race weekends.

This has several key motives including the celebration of the truck driving vocation and also to highlight how important their work is to society and industry throughout Europe.

In Hungary five new Road Heroes undertook tours of the paddock, race control and media centre, as well as being a featured part of the pre-race grid ceremony on Saturday afternoon.

It was here that they were introduced to crowd and interviewed about their work and how they are appreciated by the public at large.

“We were again delighted to invite our five new Road Heroes as part of the #onetruckfamily campaign for 2019,” said ETRA Director, Rolf Werner.

“To see them get their moment in the spotlight was pleasing because we feel as a sport and business that there should be greater recognition for the professionalism and dedication that they display day in and day out across the roads of Europe.

“The experience is a pleasurable one for them, but it also showcases that whether there are heroes on the track or on the road, the passion and honour is the same.

“Seeing lots of families at the race track is the perfect environment to inspire new generations of truck drivers because they can directly see that they are appreciated just like the FIA ETRC race drivers.”

On the Friday before the FIA ETRC rounds at Hungaroring, the V4 Logistics Forum was held discussing the current challenges faced by the trucking industry.

The forum reached for the goal of creating a platform where logistics professionals and participating countries could conduct dialogues about the industry’s technological advances, latest trends, challenges and its future.

The next #onetruckfamily event will take place at Slovakiaring over the weekend of 6/7 July.

Meet the Road Heroes

Miroslav Samuilov

Nationality: Bulgarian
Guest of: IVECO
Works for: Danube Truck Bulgaria

Background: I’m supporting truck sales through special demo events, trying to show the best part of the drivers’ job and also the best features of a truck. I became a truck driver when I was 21, so it was 21 years ago now. At the moment I don’t drive on a daily basis. I drive all sorts of trucks, also doing international transport but not on a regular basis. It’s a good industry, you’ll make some money and you’ll see places all over Europe. When you’re experienced in the business, when you have a family you can switch to the same branch, become a forwarder or sell trucks for example. I passed all the stages and I really enjoy this job, it’s cool.
Favourite route: I really enjoy driving in the Alps. Brenner motorway is one of my favourite ones.  In the mountains its technically difficult but I like challenges.

Róbert Dénes

Nationality: Hungarian
Guest of: Goodyear
Works for: Éder STT
Background: I’m in the truck business since 2001, and formerly I worked for a truck manufacturer as a product manager. Now I’m a technical advisor responsible for transport of dangerous good, such as petrol or chemical good for example. I’m responsible for technical specification of trucks, trainings and testing new things from a technical point of view. I drive trucks for test purposes or during events.
Favourite route: Once I did Lyon – Seville and back and that was really nice.

Péter Kunkli

Nationality: Hungarian
Guest of: GRAMMER AG
Works for: Jumbo Transport
Background: I’m involved in trucking since 1997. Ever since I was faithful to IVECO. My first one was Turbostar. In 2003 the Stralis arrived and I bought a new one at the dealership. I enjoy being a member of the IVECO family to this day. I’m a boss, a mechanic and a driver, and for the last 10 years also an amateur racer. I take part in drag racing and drifting.

Favourite route: Anywhere in Italy, Germany or the Netherlands, but not England.
What do you like most about your job? Arriving at the destination, in every type of conditions, and time is always the biggest opponent.

Miklós Kovács

Nationality: Hungarian
Guest of: Sven Walter Logistik
Works for: Qualisport Cargo
Background: I’m a co-owner of a company. I first used to drive a truck in Hungary and then, some years ago, we expanded to become an international company. At the moment we have more than 200 trucks. I also have my own truck prepared for competition, it’s a Scania.
Favourite route: Turkey, going from Germany to Istanbul. It’s a very nice experience because of the nature along the way, especially in Bulgaria and Romania.
What do you like most about your job? The experience when you’re on top of a dune and you have to dig for hours to get the truck out! On a serious note, the high seating position and the freedom that goes with it.

Attila Székely

Nationality: Hungarian
Guest of: GRAMMER AG
Works for: Székely Trans Kft.

Background: Together with my brother we run a transport company. I drive a truck on a daily basis but I’m also a mechanic. We started out 20 years ago and at the moment we have 13 trucks including one, with four-axle trailer that is adjusted to transport oversized loads and one drift show truck. I also started building my own race truck and my dream is to compete in the FIA ETRC event here at the Hungaroring one day.
Favourite route: I have many. Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Finland.
What do you like most about your job? It’s just a great a style of life.

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