July 25, 2019

#onetruckfamily Campaign Celebrates Female Industry Talent

The #onetruckfamily campaign majored on bringing a spotlight to female industry talent in Germany last weekend

It was ‘girl power’ all the way for the #onetruckfamily at Nürburgring last Saturday as the European Truck Racing Association celebrated the significant contribution of the industries professional female talent.

Seven of Germany’s most engaged and dedicated truck drivers were specially invited to the world’s biggest and best truck racing meeting as the FIA European Truck Racing Championship presented a special group of Road Heroes at the legendary ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the legendary Eifel mountain venue.

Continuing the momentum already gathered since the #onetruckfamily campaign was launched earlier this year, the Road Heroes took tours of the paddock and were presented to the thousands of spectators on the grid during a memorable grid ceremony.

Women account for just 7% of all European truck drivers currently registered but that statistic is expected to rise as a new generation of female professionals get engaged in the vocation.

“I’ve been in this job for more than 40 years. My brother was truck driver and thought I’d never be able to do what he does, that was my extra motivation,” said Christine Thamm, a guest of Fernfahrer, one of the leading truck industry publications in Europe.

“There are wrong thoughts of women in the job – for example men think that we can’t park the truck. But that’s not true. I’m a trainer and even participate in national tournaments with the truck. That’s real girl power!

“I think the image is quite a big problem. Especially within German companies they have the perception that truck drivers are from foreign countries and don’t speak their language.”

As well enjoying their roles within the industry, many of the women on the roads also share a passion to educate and nurture new talent behind the wheel.

“I used to be a rescue assistant and that’s how I got my truck license. But while being at the driving school I thought that I’d actually enjoy being a truck driver a lot more,” said Jasmin Wucherer who was representing Sven Walter Logistik as a Road Hero.

“Now I’m a trainer and I love to see our young trainees grow and enjoying their job.

“The trainees appreciate the independence and responsibility the job brings with itself, they can discover the road on their own.”

The success of the Nürburgring event was intertwined by several key events at the ADAC Grand Prix which ranged from industry forum and symposium events, business-to-business get togethers, new product launches and the unveiling of the official FIA ETRC sim game.

“The last weekend showed that there is a huge appetite for truck culture and a real enthusiasm and understanding for how important the industry is for society overall,” said ETRA director Georg Fuchs.

“This is why we kickstarted the #onetruckfamily campaign because we knew that the need to protect and further possibilities in the short and long-term were needed.

“For seven female Road Heroes to share that experience was valuable and will show to younger girls that they can follow in their footsteps and carve out a worthwhile and satisfying career.”

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