December 9, 2022

NEW VENUE FOR 2023: Spotlight on Poznań

The extension of the 2023 Goodyear FIA ETRC calendar to 9 events will feature a new venue on the map: Tor Poznań will host the fourth round of the championship next year.

It is a premier for the Polish venue, as it’s the first time an FIA circuit championship will race on the track situated some 250 kilometres east of Berlin.

The Goodyear FIA ETRC has close links with the haulage industry, and with Poland being an important logistics hub in Europe, it’s a logic step for the series to expand to this new market.

FIA and ETRA officials visited the track this year and it passed the FIA standards for circuit safety and was deemed suitable in line with the specific requirements to host the 5-ton racing giants of the ETRC.

“We are really excited to be adding a new venue to our calendar next season,” said ETRA managing director Rolf Werner. “We visited the track in Poznań this year with the FIA, and the circuit has been found suitable to host our trucks.”

“There is still a bit of preparation work to be done to accommodate the teams and partners in the paddock. The local automobile club is very proactive and they are making good progress.”

Marek Nawarecki, Director of FIA Sport & Touring Cars Department, said: “It is encouraging for the series to break into new markets and showcase truck racing to new audiences. Poland is an important hub for Europe’s truck haulage industry and given the close link between this industry and the sport that exists within the championship, this is a sensible and relevant step for the championship to take."

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