October 7, 2018

LT4 Cup – A New Truck Racing Series for 2020

A new cost-effective customer focused series aimed at new entrants and drivers in the exciting world of professional truck racing has been launched today.

From the same team that has overseen the successful promotion and management of the current FIA European Truck Racing Championship since 2016, the European Truck Racing Association [ETRA], the LT4 [Light Trucks for Drivers] Cup will shortly arrive on the race tracks of Europe.

The new competition will be an affordable entry level series that is easily accessible for both customer teams and future generations of truck racing stars.

The new-look competition, which will aim to be a feeder series to the FIA ETRC, is aiming for a first full season of racing in 2020 with a pilot race event planned for autumn 2019.

Cost Sharing & Exciting Race Formats

The aesthetically pleasing, well-designed and homologated LT4 trucks will look and sound similar to their bigger brothers and sisters in the FIA ETRC.

The trucks will be available from Manufacturers or authorised Tuners only in order to provide cost-efficient vehicles. Due to smaller size of these trucks, the season running costs are also more efficient.

The initial concept for the sporting format will focus on two drivers per truck entry. This will promote cost-sharing in order to reduce overall budgets.

A pit-stop in-between the races will be mandatory for tire and driver changes. The team mechanics will be more involved in the result of the race and the emphasis will be on the entrants honing team building skills in order to achieve the best results.

Sustainable Racing for the Future

From 2021, the Technical Regulations will allow the implementation of alternative powertrains such as gas, hydrogen and electric.

This deliberate policy by the team behind the LT4 concept will ensure that the relevancy for new entrants and future technologies is addressed at base level in order for manufacturers to market new models and present fresh engineering solutions.

LT4 Ethos: ‘Racing for All’ Mantra and Industry Relevant

The LT4 Cup is set to revolutionize and incentivize the landscape of European truck racing by providing a new branch to one of motorsports most exciting and engaging disciplines.

“The LT4 Cup is a project we have worked on in detail for the last 12 months and we are now confident that it is an attractive and workable proposition,” commented Georg Fuchs, Director of ETRA.

“Truck Racing needs a feeder series and so we looked how we could introduce one in an efficient way which made good business sense for prospective entrants.

“The LT4 Cup will also feed off the key philosophies of the FIA ETRC in terms of relevancy to the transport and haulage industry while competing in a safe and well-organised environment.”

Rolf Werner, a fellow director of ETRA, added to Fuchs’ rationale on why the LT4 Cup has broken cover at this precise time, saying: “The appetite for truck racing is significant throughout Europe.

“As well as the established market places like Germany, Spain, France and Czech Republic, we also want to bring truck racing to new territories too.

"With motorsport always looking to the future it was time for us to get a fresh ideas off the ground.

“Doing this in a detailed, progressive and most importantly relevant way will ensure that the manufacturers open up new markets and that future truck racers can gain valuable experience and racecraft,” concluded Werner.

Further details on the LT4 Cup, including sporting and technical regulations will be unveiled in the coming months.

Manufacturers and Tuners are welcome to contact us and show their interest as well as drivers and teams how would like to buy and participate.

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