June 11, 2022


Adam Lacko took his first win of the season in a red flag restarted second Hungarian race.

In a testament to the safety standard of the Goodyear FIA ETRC race trucks, drivers walked away from big incidents after the start of race 2 that pulled out the red flag, forcing a race restart.

The grid had been ready to go for the later than usual race start time of 19:00, getting the race underway as the sun was setting over the Hungaroring. It was a messy first few corners with trucks going off track and making contact.

Norbert Kiss took the biggest hit, which saw the front bull bar of his red MAN truck ripped off, and the #1 nearly rolled onto its side after being pitched up onto the tyre barriers from contact with the Armco. All 13 drivers walked away from the incidents unscathed, though not the same can be said of their trucks, showing the great work the safety structures on the ETRC vehicles do.  

After all the damage inflicted, the Révész Racing team are not sure if it will be able to be rebuilt ahead of Sunday’s action. Kiss, Anderson, Jochen Hahn and Albacete did not take the restart, with both Anderson and Albacete trying all they could to be allowed back on track.

The stewards are investigating the circumstances that led to the chaotic start of race 2.

When the race got restarted, 45 minutes later, Kursim was cautious into turn 1 and Brereton sped into the lead. The Brit looked like he was in control of the race, with Kursim a distant second fighting some damage that had been picked up during the first race start. 

Waiting for Kursim to reel the Promoter’s Cup driver in, Lacko followed him down the inside when he made the move for the lead, overtake both Kursim and Brereton in one corner. Brereton lost two positions and was under attack from a charging Anthony Janiec behind, whilst Lacko disappeared into the distance, shedding bodywork as he did.

His lead would go unrivalled for the rest of the race, bringing home his first win of 2022. 

Behind him, however, for the rest of the podium finishers the race was still on. Janiec managed to pass Brereton, with Lenz shortly repeating the move afterwards. Wanting to keep up his streak of always appearing on the overall podium in 2022, Lenz had to make the pass on Janiec to knock the French driver off the podium.  

With persistent damage, Kursim didn’t pull away from the pack as Lacko did, leaving him under threat of Lenz when he passed Janiec. The Misano winner tried everything he could, but he ran out of time to demote Kursim, settling for third. 

Janiec came home fourth with Brereton defending from Halm to hang onto fifth overall with his second Promoter’s Cup win of the weekend. Steffen Faas took second in Promoter’s, seventh overall, with Martin Gibson completing the Promoter’s podium in third. 

Clemens Hecker was the final finisher in ninth after Calvet was unable to make it past the first lap of the restart, when a left front puncture ended his race. 

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