July 2, 2022


In another dominant display, Norbert Kiss has added another win to his name in 2022, extending his championship lead over Sascha Lenz and Jochen Hahn.

Lenz kept the Hungarian honest through the first lap, looking like he was going to remain on Kiss’ tail for the first few laps of the race, but by the end of the first lap Kiss had broken the tow and he was disappearing into the distance. Over the next seven laps, the lead extended to nearly eight seconds, giving Kiss an almost easy walk to his sixth Goodyear FIA ETRC victory. 

The top three ended as they started, with Lenz staying far enough ahead of Hahn to take second without any drama. 

The only change to the top seven after qualifying was Andre Kursim passing Antonio Albacete for sixth at the start of the race. Adam Lacko (P4) and Steffi Halm (P5) ended the race in the positions they started, locking the top five in the race having no movement from lights out to the chequered flag. 

Promoter’s Cup was where the action was, as a first lap incident saw Teo Calvet and class pole sitter Jose Rodrigues lose out to a bold moving Shane Brereton as the trio had been three abreast coming into Turn 3. Brereton was deemed at fault and handed a five second penalty for causing a collision, but it robbed Rodrigues a shot at class victory and took Calvet completely out of the race. 

Fourth in class starting Jamie Anderson picked up the advantage from the incident, diving into Promoter’s Cup lead and holding off Brereton for the chequered flag. Not only did he take the class win, but finishing eighth overall places Anderson on reverse pole for race two.

Brereton was second on the road, but his penalty demoted him behind Steffen Faas for third in class, tenth overall. Rodrigues held onto fourth in class, leading Clemens Hecker and Luis Recuenco across the line to complete the grid. Calvet did manage to cross the line to be classified fourteenth, seventh in class, but a stop in the pits put him 40 seconds off the back of the Chrome drivers, almost two minutes off Anderson.

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