May 22, 2022


It was another made to look easy race victory for Norbert Kiss, who has extended his championship lead after race 3.

It was tight at the start of the race, with second-place Jochen Hahn knowing he needed to try and take the position off the line. The pair went into Turn 1 wheel-to-wheel with Hahn looking like he might just have the advantage. However, as the first corner complex switched from a right hander to left, Kiss retook the inside line to hold onto the lead he would never give up. 

Due to the move, Hahn was off line for Turn 2/3, opening the door for Sascha Lenz to take a look up the inside. The veteran of the series quickly closed the door, and the top three settled in to achieve a carbon copy of the podium scored in race 1. 

Still struggling with some issues on his truck, Adam Lacko drove as hard as he could to try and hang onto fourth, but Antonio Albacete got the pass on him to demote him to fifth. The pair had a chance to challenge for the podium in the last few laps as Lenz made a mistake in the second sector, losing six seconds on the chasing grid. They tried all they could, but in the end Lenz just held on to keep the podium. 

Steffi Halm had a quiet race to come across the line sixth, whilst fellow Titan racer Andre Kursim had to fight off the late charge from Téo Calvet to retain seventh. 

Calvet took another Promoter’s Cup win ahead of José Rodrigues. The Portuguese driver hadn’t made it easy for Calvet, however, with the pair switching positions multiple times during the race. The eighth overall finish means Calvet will start race 4 on pole, the same position he started when he took his sole overall victory last season. 

This is also beneficial for Calvet because his closest Promoter’s Cup rival will start down in P9. 

Steffen Faas finished off the Promoter’s Cup podium after Jamie Anderson and Shane Brereton came together. Anderson was looking to make the move passed his fellow countryman to challenge Faas for third in class, but outbroke himself and hit the rear of Brereton instead. The contact spun the Apollo Tyres TOR Truck Racing #17 around, taking him completely out of contention. Anderson was handed a ten second penalty, but Brereton lost so much time he still ended behind the Anderson Racing truck. 

Thomas Robineau finished ahead of Anderson and Brereton in 13th overall, with Clemens Hecker taking to the grid but finishing 16th.

He was hit with a drive through penalty for excessive abuse of track limits, causing him to drop around 30 seconds on the rest of the field. 

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