May 11, 2022


Casings from used racing tyres will be given a second life and used for on-road retreading

As title partner, Goodyear’s involvement in the series will help accelerate the ETRC’s push for sustainability, as the championship provides the perfect test lab for innovation. Tyres play a key role in helping achieve greater efficiency, which is then applied to Goodyear’s commercial vehicle tyre range.

New for this year, Goodyear will use casings from used racing tyres for on-road retreading, taking further strides towards net zero. The advanced retreading technology drives forward Goodyear’s circular economic model without compromising trusted quality or proven performance.

“Over the last few years, we have already been able to provide a testing ground for Goodyear and their road relevant developments,” said Managing Director Georg Fuchs.

“The introduction of their retreading program is the next step towards a more sustainable future, and we are proud to know, that Goodyear road tyres will carry a bit of the truck racing excitement in them.”

FIA Truck Racing Commission President, Manuel Vidal agrees and admits that "the FIA’s approach is to have motor sport acting as a laboratory for sustainable mobility.”

“The extreme constraints of truck racing mean, that tyres are one of the key aspects of this discipline and their relevance to the road haulage industry proves that motor sport can serve a greater purpose,” he concludes.

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