May 12, 2017

First FIA Volunteers Day celebrated in FIA ETRC paddock

For the first ever FIA Volunteers Day, the FIA ETRC drivers met with marshals and track volunteers at lunchtime today to get an insight in to how they make such a massive contribution to motorsport.

The Red Bull Ring paddock saw drivers meeting marshals and taking part in a specially organised photoshoot to raise awareness of FIA Volunteers Day.“This is an opportunity to embrace the day as an occasion to thank all volunteers who support our events at all levels,” said FIA President, Jean Todt. “It will also promote the positive benefits that they gain from their involvement in motor sport, and help attract new people to get involved.

“It is important for the FIA to give the appropriate recognition and publicity to acknowledge that each volunteer’s commitment is an essential part in ensuring the safety and success of every motor sport event.”

Some of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship family started their career as volunteers in racing before becoming professionals. With marshals and other track workers able to meet some of the drivers in the paddock today it was an opportunity for some mutual respect for the jobs they do.

“We know that without the marshals racing would be impossible and we are grateful for the job they do,” said double champion Norbert Kiss. “We rely on them for so much and quite often they are out of the limelight. Today is a good opportunity for them to be in the focus and celebrate for everything they do.

”Capitalising on a packed weekend of FIA competition – six headline race events will raise awareness and give thanks to the volunteers who carry out the wide variety of essential roles without which the events would simply not happen.Throughout the day, the entire motor sport community – from volunteers and officials to fans, drivers and members of the media – are encouraged to join in and show their appreciation on social media.

“We are right behind this new initiative of FIA Volunteers Day,” said ETRA director Georg Fuchs. “The work that the FIA does highlighting the selfless and passionate contribution that volunteers make to our sport is significant. The FIA ETRC paddock this weekend includes many volunteers and it is the love for their sport which sees it thriving in so many exciting disciplines throughout the world.

Using the hashtag #FIAVolunteersDay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, people can share photos and stories of themselves in action on the day connecting motor sport volunteers at all levels from all around the world – from club events to world championships.

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