September 9, 2017

FIA ETRC and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) announced

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship has been collaborating with the increasingly well-known and visionary company SCS Software in a mutually beneficial partnership recently.

For over a decade, SCS Software has been developing and distributing games in the Euro Truck Simulator franchise with a huge fan base including 600,000 weekly users, 110,000 Youtube followers and 800,000 Facebook enthusiats.

These computer simulations strive to realistically portray the actual truck driving experience. While games are typically considered to be merely an entertainment product, the attention to fidelity of the simulation in the latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) game has been repeatedly recognised in the transportation industry.

The simulation game is an undisputed leader in its market segment and has with a very strong connection to new media. While it has been on the market for several years already, updates are provided regularly with new features and additional downloadable content. New vehicles are introduced to the game as well as new regions to drive through.

ETS2 allows drivers to take on and carry out freight orders all across Europe. The software allows their users to sign up for a job, configure their truck and drive the route that is simulated very realistically.

Above: ETRA director Georg Fuchs and SCS Software’s Pavel Sebor and his team

“Our audience varies from teenagers to aspiring drivers all the way to retired professional truck drivers,” says SCS Software’s Pavel Sebor.  While the core of the product is focused on driving the trucks, the overall package includes a simplified representation of everyday driver's life, and even touches on the logistics aspect and company management, with the goal of launching and successfully growing a virtual haulage business. Everyone will find something for themselves within the game. Some people just drive and relax, exploring the expansive environments, other users may be very focused on the business side, and yet other users find the possibility of tuning their truck with lots of chrome and aftermarket add-ons the most appealing feature.

“I think we share similar audience with the FIA ETRC,” continued Sebor. “People who come to visit a FIA ETRC event are here to enjoy the race, but many of them actually have one of our truck simulation games installed on their computer at home. That’s why we were delighted by the invitation from FIA ETRC to participate at their events. Our fans coming to the races now have an opportunity to meet the developers of the software, and we are able to introduce our game to yet more trucking enthusiasts. It’s a great place to be for us personally too, as we cherish the feeling of being a part of the real-world trucking phenomenon.

SCS Software's new “sim trailer” equipped with a pair of high-tech motion seats allows the Fan Village visitors to experience very realistic truck driving simulation.  It has become a core part of the popular and engaging paddock presence at FIA ETRC races this season within the specially built Fan Village.

“We are delighted that Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) has become a big magnet for visitors of the paddocks, it brings an interesting, fun yet educational aspect to our races,” said ETRA director, Georg Fuchs.

“Both SCS Software and we at the FIA ETRC share similar outlooks when it comes to the bigger picture of the future and innovative ideas and concepts. We want to showcase the close connection between trucks on the road and the track as being a professional environment and in the case of road haulage a viable and interesting career choice for the next generations. And remember, after the races and off the track for the ETRC family it’s also all about logistics and transporting freight across Europe according to our race calendar – maybe just with an unusual and sexier load.”

The FIA ETRC’s strategy is to push more digital and gaming media channels in to its portfolio to increase the reach of trucking in sport and industry.

Having the ETS2 in the paddock ensures that the first step of the partnership is ongoing while the future targets are to get the FIA ETRC more ingrained with the digital and gaming worlds.

The FIA ETRC also aims to increase the reach by expanding the co-operation in existing and potentially new media channels, while also optimising industry and gaming influencers.

Click HERE to find out more about the Euro Truck simulator 2.

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