December 16, 2022

Electric and hybrid powertrains make their way onto the ETRC grid

The way is paved for alternative powertrains to join the truck racing grid. From 2023 the technical regulations allow all-electric and hybrid powertrains along with the current generation of combustion engined race trucks in the Goodyear FIA ETRC.

“The approval of the new regulation by the FIA World Motorsport Council to add electric and hybrid technologies to the technical regulations is an important next step in our sustainability roadmap,” said Georg Fuchs, ETRA Managing director.

"We have been working on the energy transformation together with the FIA Technical Department to be prepared to welcome any technology and energy form, powered by synthetic fuel, hybrid or electric on the same grid.”

Trucks with alternative powertrains must be hybrid (any type) or full electric. They have to undergo a full technical inspection by the FIA and be awarded with an FIA/F Technical Passport before they can take to the track.

“Adding electric powertrains to the grid opens up completely new possibilities,” says Fuchs. “The huge torque of electric engines can add to more exciting and action-packed racing.

We have a great platform and it is our responsibility to utilise it to drive change. If we can show, that new developments work in the extreme racing environment, it will help the acceptance of sustainable technologies among customers and end users, the professional truck drivers.”

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