October 2, 2022


Téo Calvet has taken his second overall win of the season ahead of pole-sitting André Kursim and Steffi Halm.

Unlike yesterday in Race Two, Calvet got the jump on Kursim as the lights went green and stole the lead, something he wouldn’t give up for the rest of the race. Jamie Anderson also tried to take the opportunity to follow Calvet through, but made a mistake, going wide through the final corner and losing a load of positions.

Jochen Hahn had a great start, making great advances on Sascha Lenz, who he was battling for second in the championship, but Lenz was fourth and ahead by enough to swing the points.

However, it wasn’t meant to be for Lenz who, on the next lap, made a mistake trying to pass Kursim and in a copy paste repeat of Anderson the lap before, dropped down to sixth. It got worse for the German who, with a few laps to go, suffered a mechanical issue that saw him retire from the race.

Norbert Kiss had a great run and was up to fourth, pressuring Steffi Halm for a final podium of the season, but it was Adam Lacko who optimised, getting a double overtake on Kiss and Hahn to put himself fourth. Halm managed to hold on to the chequered flag to take a final podium of her truck racing career.

Lacko was fourth ahead of Hahn and Kiss with Anderson seventh, second in Promoter’s, and Antonio Albacete overall eighth.

Shane Brereton in his last Goodyear FIA ETRC race took third in class, ahead of Jonathan André who rounded off the top ten.

José Rodrigues, Clemons Hecker and John Newell completed the finishers, with Steffen Faas not taking the start of the race due to continued gasket issues from Race Three.

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