April 26, 2024


After a long winter break, anticipation ran high as several Goodyear FIA ETRC teams gathered for the pre-season test sessions from 15 - 17 April at Autodrom Most in the Czech Republic.

The three-day test, a crucial precursor to the upcoming season opener in Misano in May, was marked by mixed and changeable weather conditions, adding an extra layer of challenge and unpredictability to the proceedings.

Team Hahn Racing fielded two trucks during the test. Six-time champion Jochen Hahn, alongside his son Lukas, showcased their prowess on the track, with Lukas debuting a striking new livery on his #22 truck with vibrant red accents.

Team Schwabentruck, led by seasoned driver Steffi Halm in her vibrant orange IVECO truck, also took part in the pre-season testing. The team diligently tested their truck, fine-tuning it for the challenges ahead in the upcoming season.

Reigning champion Norbert Kiss looked solid out in Most, logging extensive mileage in his fire-red #1 MAN truck. Kiss focused on testing the new Goodyear tyres, aiming to translate the insights gained into a competitive edge for the upcoming season.

Not all teams had smooth sailing during the test. Don’t Touch Racing encountered hurdles as their new engine struggled with power issues on the first day, compounded by gearbox malfunctions. A determined overnight effort by the team saw them rectify the issues, allowing for good running on the final day of testing before relocating to Nogaro, France, to continue their preparations.

Technical issues also plagued Sascha Lenz's MAN truck, forcing the team to undertake an early gearbox change. Despite this setback, the team managed to resolve the issue, allowing them to continue putting in laps and gather valuable data for the remainder of the test.

T Sport Bernau and driver Antonio Albacete reported a successful pre-season test. With minimal changes to their 2023 truck, the team focused on evaluating performance with different test axles and testing the new tyres, laying a solid foundation for the season ahead.

British outfit Taylors Trucksport marked a successful return to form, with Mark's #81 MAN truck running flawlessly after extensive rebuilding efforts following a major crash in Zolder last season. Mark Taylor expressed his satisfaction, stating, “Testing has gone well and the truck is back on form. Our performance and times were great.”

John Newell and his NWT Motorsport Team recorded remarkable progress. According to their own account, the team's hard work seems to have paid off, as they have reportedly shaved seconds off their lap times compared to the previous year.

Hecker Racing, Anderson Racing and Luis Recuenco also took to the track in Most, alongside a familiar face in British racer Oly Janes, who tested his Freightliner, which he will be racing at selected events in the upcoming season.

Additionally, tankpool24 Racing Team and their driver Steffen Faas, tested their truck in Nogaro, France, the week following the Most pre-season testing, further refining their setup and readiness for the upcoming season.

With four weeks remaining until the eagerly awaited first race in Misano, teams are fine-tuning their strategies and machines and the stage is set for an exciting season ahead.