May 21, 2024


An all-new Goodyear truck racing tyre will make its debut this weekend

This season, Goodyear, exclusive tyre supplier and title partner of the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC), will introduce a new truck racing tyre compound developed to deliver more grip, especially in wet conditions, thereby elevating the safety standards in truck racing. The new tyres also offer increased durability, supporting sustainability efforts by reducing the number of tyres used throughout the season.

The next-generation tyres have undergone rigorous testing by seasoned Goodyear FIA ETRC drivers across various circuits, ensuring that the tyres are finely tuned to meet the unique challenges of truck racing, delivering optimal grip and control in all conditions.The design of the new Goodyear truck racing tyres produces a variety of benefits, including its enhanced grip, particularly in wet conditions. By maximising the tyre-road contact area and ensuring uniform pressure distribution, the tyres offer better traction and stability on the track, empowering the drivers to push the limits even in slippery conditions, while minimising the risk of accidents.

In addition to improved safety, the new tyres also offer increased durability. With fewer tyres required throughout the season, teams will be able to further reduce their environmental footprint while maximising performance on the track. This progress not only enhances the racing experience but also aligns with the ETRC's and Goodyear’s continuous shared commitment to sustainability.

Since 2022, Goodyear have been using casings form used racing tyres for on-road retreading and these efforts will continue into the 2024 season. After the races, used truck racing tyres will undergo a retreading process, giving them a second life as products that can once again be used by transportation companies. By extending the lifespan of used racing tyres through retreading, both Goodyear and the ETRC further underline their commitment to minimising environmental impact while maximising performance both on the track and in everyday commercial use.

“As our exclusive tyre supplier and title partner for the Championship, Goodyear continues to push the boundaries of innovation in truck racing,” said Georg Fuchs, ETRA managing director. “With the introduction of these next-generation tyres, Goodyear reaffirms its position as a leader in both racing and commercial truck tyre technology, driving the future of truck racing towards greater safety, performance and sustainability.”

Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director for Goodyear’s Commercial business, speaks ahead of the Goodyear FIA ETRC season: “Goodyear is incredibly proud to continue its presence in the European Truck Racing Championship, one of the most high-profile truck racing contests in the world. As title partner, Goodyear is committed to delivering the best performance possible on the track, which also translates to the millions of Goodyear truck tires and cutting-edge solutions in use by transportation companies across Europe every day.”