September 11, 2022

Lacko beats Hahn to Race 4 victory at Zolder

A turbulent final race at Zolder saw Adam Lacko take his second win of the season, as he beat Jochen Hahn to the chequered flag.

Pole sitter Shane Brereton got a fantastic launch when the lights went green, leading the field away for the race. Behind him Téo Calvet who started from third, was putting pressure on André Kursim in front of him. He made a move to get past the German, which also allowed his Buggyra team mate Adam Lacko to get through.

Jochen Hahn also jumped on the bandwagon to move past Kursim, and as they went side by side, the Don’t Touch Racing driver went wide and into the gravel and Hahn got through.

In an attempt to take the lead off Brereton, Calvet made contact with the Brit, pushing him off the track, which dropped him back in the field. The contact damaged Calvet’s tyre and effectively finished his race, as the French driver limped back to the pit lane at the end of the race, losing out on the win and also on valuable points in the Promoter’s Cup fight.

Adam Lacko, who took the lead from a wounded Calvet halfway through the race, had to hold off Jochen Hahn, who chased him across the finish line.

The surprise on the podium came in the form of Steffi Halm, who starting from ninth, drove a fantastic race crossing the line in third, holding off fellow German Sascha Lenz.

André Kursim finished in fifth ahead of Antonio Albacete in sixth.

Whilst the overall win wasn’t meant to be, Brereton took the win in the Promoter’s Cup ahead of Steffen Faas, who finished a difficult day on a high.

Norbert Kiss, who made good progress moving up the ranks, picked up a puncture when he got into a battle with Sascha Lenz and Shane Brereton. The Hungarian driver was a sitting duck as he dropped down the order to finish ninth.

Clemens Hecker took his second Promoter’s Cup podium of the season, finishing 10th overall, ahead of Jonathan André in 11th.

It was a frustrating day in the office for Jamie Anderson, who after contact with Jochen Hahn, went off track and into the wall, which ended his race.